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Argyle connects you with intuitive, intelligent staff you’ll want to hire again and again, whether your event is for five guests or five hundred. (Some of our largest entertain up to 5000.) We can fill in all the gaps, flesh out all the lines of your event’s design with our servers, bartenders, bussers, captains, culinary, coat check, registration staff, production runners, brand ambassadors – we’ll provide what you need to make your motif complete.


Most clients want the same thing out of their staff – arrive in an ironed shirt and follow basic directions like, “put fork here.” Argyle gives you so much more. We have served at presidential dinners; both the president of USC and the President of the United States. We are fluent in the latest food allergies and restrictive diets. But most of all, we bring our skilled service with a smile – a real smile.

Did we mention we are fully insured?

Hey there,

It’s very important that you understand that you’re a vital part of the process. You’re not a cog or a widget or even a nameless body with arms for carrying things. You’re a dynamic contributor to the process. Without you, the event cannot succeed.

When you join the team, it is not only that we are asking you to bring your skill in the industry. You’re joining because we have seen a little extra something: a creative capacity – a spark. So if you can bring something more to the table, say hello to us at servicehiring@argyleevents.com, and we’ll contact you for an interview.

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Design begins with you. We look to your style, your character, your life and take into consideration the event plan as a whole in order to present you with the best options to make your event reflect the best of you. When you hire us for your occasion, you lay down the pattern. We’ll connect the dots.

You’re a young mom organizing little Johnny’s fifth birthday party, and he has invited all one hundred kids from his grade.  How will they all ride the pony? Our event planners have worked in every job of our industry. We have an extensive knowledge of how each vendor works, but also what their needs are and how all of the vendors interact with each other. That means that even little Suzy, who was late to the party, can still find time to ride the pony.


A great production team is key to making your event a success. We add in a solid design eye and make sure that every detail of your event has our full attention. All that is left to chance is room for magic to happen. From showcasing your brand to an intimate birthday dinner, to weddings, weddings, weddings! – We finish the pattern we created together and celebrate the best of you.